1.Mostly students memorize the chemistry and they think to manage chemistry somehow and wanted to get rid of this subject. This subject is not taken seriously and is generally not taught actually conceptually.

2. Scientists do not just sit around memorizing stuffs, students should not either. Success in chemistry involves imagination, organization, and critical thinking on the part of teachers and students. The new standards of competitive world will create challenges.

3. Strictly speaking Chemistry is central science; it relates all other science subjects. Actual clearing of concepts of Chemistry for IIT-JEE/NEET require current research, modern mechanistic approach and much detailed knowledge of subjects.

4. Days of tricks have been laden, now competitive exams demand actual concepts. Therefore, pitfalls of tricks and actual concepts are emphasised and taught in Nagar Chemistry Tutorials by Mahesh Nagar Sir. 

5. Chemistry learning is a cumulative process, each new concept is mostly based on previous concepts therefore Standard sequencing of chapters and topics is used, so that major concepts are introduced in early chapters/topics can be reinforced through application to next topics.

6.Physical chemistry is taught from very basics to detailed, by interrelating chapters and applying the concepts in day to day life and rigorous numerical practice is carried out which help students in developing actual concepts and they become able to solve cumulative questions by apply these concepts during problem solving.7. Library having huge collection of all famous and rare chemistry books to enhance the rank of bright students

7. Organic & Inorganic chemistry is taught by mechanistic approach using concepts of G.O.C. ,G.I.C. , Thermodynamics , Chemical, Ionic Equilibrium, chemical kinetics, Electrochemistry and Acid-Base concepts (called Physical organic  chemistry in modern literature) which makes students able to propose mechanism of organic reactions  rather than merely memorise them , making Organic and Inorganic Chemistry  very easy. 

8. Nagar sir makes Chemistry students  good problem solvers. Solving problems is an active, messy process, which is generally frustrating, but the process is rewarding. 

9. Nagar chemistry tutorial’s students grow in actual science atmosphere and that’s why students who believe in learning conceptual chemistry for IIT-JEE main/ IIT-JEE advanced/NEET as well as for BOARD  exams are whole heartedly welcomed.