1.Teaching of each and every topic of whole chemistry syllabus of IIT-JEE mains & advanced, NEET and Board.

2. Conceptually detailed teaching to avoid development of misconception and to develop ability to solve all questions from basics to advanced.

3. Complete conceptual theory notes of chemistry for IITJEE main/advanced, NEET as well as for board exams are dictated /explained by Mahesh  Nagar sir and written by students in class therefore no need to worry about Board exams and revision during IIT-JEE mains & advanced, NEET  exams.

4. Almost all types of questions are exercised/discussed after completions of every topic.

5. DPPS with complete solution and Sheets comprising of basics to advanced level questions are distributed after completion of every chapter for exercise and their questions are discussed .

6.Students are encouraged to test their conceptual framework  and are asked for clearing of their doubts, they can ask any question related to IITJEE main and advanced/NEET/NCERT at any time after or before class 

7. Library having huge collection of all famous and rare chemistry books to enhance the rank of bright students. 

8. Assessment by test series and  the evaluation of student’s concepts by Chapter Test  for  of IIT-JEE main and advanced/NEET   on alternate Sunday after completion of every  chapter

9. Separate test for Physical, Inorganic and Organic chemistry  and after completion of full syllabus before December test series on complete syllabus are carried out to avoid examphobia.


10. Students are no need to worry about; Which books are good, what type of  questions will be asked in competitive exams, because they are fully prepared to handle any question  of any topic of Chemistry.